A B O U T  U S

Shanghai-based Pushang Textile Concept, founded in 2013, is committed to design and produce high-quality, original, China-made fabrics. Pushang is deeply influenced by both Eastern and Western cultures. The concept behind our designs is to explore creative and contemporary interpretations, to rediscover oriental elements and merging them into a brand new fashion. 

Pushang partner with a Hangzhou-based textile manufacturer Modlia*. Together, the team strictly control the production process of each procedure, so that products become quality reliable. Started from yarn colors and performance, to explore the details and structure of each piece of fabric, manufacturing products as handicrafts is our intention.

*Hangzhou Modlia Textile Co., Ltd was founded in 2007. A unique factory that houses imported jacquard and dobby weaving machines, embroidery machines, flat-screen printing machines, German-made stenter machine, yarn twisting machines,and a state-of-art vertical storage system, all-in-one mill. Modlia also owns a dyeing factory. All of these allow us to control from dyeing and twisting our own yarns, to placing final treatment onto the fabric.